Cossee is an independent publishing house located at the Amstelveld, the most beautiful square in Amsterdam. The publishing house was founded in autumn 2001 and the first books were published in the spring of 2002. Cossee publishes Dutch and translated fiction and non-fiction. With their selected list, the carefully edited and beautifully designed editions Cossee wants to give their authors the best possible platform and a growing readership.



Spring Catalogue 2018

Spring is around the corner and here at Cossee we are already looking forward to the upcoming publications: the new Gerbrand Bakker What About Nature?, a Belgian debut by Astrid Panis, a rediscovered classic by A.H. Nijhoff, Two Girls and I, the latest Mark Boog, an autobiography by Jacques Wallage and the astonishing tale of Herr Rabenstein.

Furthermore, we are happy to be publishing amongst others David Garnett, Francesca Melandri and Husch Josten in translation.

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Non-Fiction Highlights 2017

In 2017, a number of thought-provoking non-fiction titles saw the light at Cossee Publishers. We are thus happy to share the highlights of the past year with you, including the international rights success Animal Languages by Eva Meijer, the newest writing by Marjolijn van Heemstra and an essay collection by the eminent China correspondent Eefje Rammeloo.    

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Frankfurt Highlights 2017

The Frankfurt Bookfair is coming up and we cannot wait to share our amazing Frankfurt titles of 2017 with you!

We are especially excited about Jonathan Robijn’s Congo Blues, Marjolijn van Heemstra’s And his name is, and Eva Meijer’s fiction and non-fiction titles on animal rights! Also new this year the latest Rinus Spruit as well as the new Charlotte Mutsaers' Harness of Hansaplast.

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Fall Catalogue 2017

Our Cossee fall catalogue has arrived hot from the press!

We are very much looking forward to: Jonathan Robijn's intriguing novel - Congo Blues, Eva Meijer's inspiring non-fiction work - Political Animals, Anna van Suchtelen's family history Versailles at the Schelde, a classic from Belgium Who was the Hatmaker? by Loekie Zvonik, poetry by Andreas Oosthoek, as well as Katja Reichenfeld's work on Charlotte Salomon Inspired by Berlin.

As always there will be fantastic translated works including the second title of the Jane Gardam trilogy, The Secret Life of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos and The Ordinary Virtues by Michael Ignatieff.

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Summer Highlights 2017

Have a look at the newest selection of summer reads from our rights list!

Featuring two books by creative multi-talent Marjolijn van Heemstra, a second rediscovered classic by Josepha Mendels as well as the newest novel by Russian/Flemish writer Aleksandr Skorobogatov!

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Summer Catalogue 2017

Also this summer a series of fantastic titles will be published at Cossee! We are looking forward to another rediscovered classic by Josepha Mendels - Rolien and Ralien, the newest Rinus Spruit Do Write, Brother and It Grows! It Is Alive! by Marjolijn van Heemstra. Furthermore, Cossee is the proud Dutch publisher of Catherine Poulain's masterpiece Le Grand Marin and Jane Gardam's highly successful "Old Filth"-trilogy.

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Spring Highlights 2017

Have a look at the Cossee Spring Highlights catalogue with all our selected titles for this years spring fairs!

Featuring amongst other treasures our top-sellers such as The Bird Cottage by Eva Meijer and The Melting by Lize Spit, as well as the captivating rediscovered classic by Dola de Jong The tree and the vine and a fascinating non-fiction title - Animal Languages!

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Spring Catalogue 2017

The spring catalogue of Cossee Publishers is out! With the new novels by Aleksandr Skorobogatov, Cocaine, and Britta Böhler, The Good Lawyer. Another rediscovered classic by the fantastic Dola de Jong - The Tree and the Vine. As well as the essay collection The Happiness of the Chinese by the renowned Dutch journalist Eefje Rammeloo and two graphic novels by Liesbeth Labeur. And last but certainly not least a promising debut by Marijn Sikken, Exit Ahead.

Also featuring novels by Jane Gardam, Stefano Mancuso, Erich Maria Remarque and Hans Fallada.

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Fall Catalogue 2016

Featuring the new essay collection by Bregje Hofstede: The Rediscovery of the Body
A new novel by Jan van Mersbergen: The Rider and the intriguing, The Archivist of the World by Lia Tilon.

Also new translated essays by Navid Kermani and the novels by Christoph Boltanski, Bov Bjerg, a rediscovered classic by Elio Vittorini as well as the new J.M. Coetzee.

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New Title: Eva Meijer - The Bird Cottage

Len Howard (1894-1973) spent the second half of her life in a small, remote house in the English countryside. She wrote two international bestsellers about robins, tits, sparrows, and other birds living in and around her house. 

Although not originally a biologist, she was a pioneer in the field of animal research, studiying the birds on the basis of their trust.



To support Dutch literature beyond our borders, translation grants can be obtained through the Dutch Foundation for Literature. For more information visit: http://www.letterenfonds.nl.