By Gerbrand Bakker:
- The Twin
- The Queen's Visit
- The Detour
- Pear Trees Blossom White
- Donkey, Sheep and Redshank
- Winter Book
- Jasper and his Serf
Gerbrand Bakker

Gerbrand Bakker (1962) is a writer and a gardener. He studied Dutch Historical Linguistics and Gardening and he wrote etymological dictionaries for starters and children. His first fiction book was a young adult novella called Pear Trees Blossom White. His first novel, The Twin, was awarded with and nominated for various literary prizes, became a bestseller in the Netherlands and was published in numerous languages. His second novel, The Queen's Visit, is also a huge succes in Germany and was quickly followed by The Detour, which received great reviews from press, booksellers and readers. The English translation has won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2013.

In 2010 the English edition of The Twin was awarded the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for best book published in the English language in 2010.

Besides gardening and writing novels, Gerbrand Bakker writes columns for a Dutch opinion magazine, he co-wrote an animated children's television program called Ted and Ed, he is co-editor for the Etymological Dictionary of Dutch which will be published in four or five volumes by the Amsterdam University Press and he is a part-time speed skating instructor. In 2011 Gerbrand Bakker’s Winter Book was published, featuring original stories, poems and ice skating tips from the author. In 2016 Jasper and his Serf, his personal memoires of the year 2015, were published as part of the privé-domein series.

The movie based on The Twin premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013.

For more information, visit GerbrandsDingetje.nl

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