A Wedding Dress From Warsaw (Een bruidsjurk uit Warschau)
Lot Vekemans, 2012
208 pages, 45.000 words
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A Wedding Dress From Warsaw | Een bruidsjurk uit Warschau
Lot Vekemans

On the desire to shape your own life and the unexpected results that occur once you do.

The beautiful Marlena lives in the Polish country side and still hasn’t married, which worries her mother. Her life changes radically once she falls in love with a man. Thus begins her journey with three men, each loving her in their own way.

The first is Natan, a young American journalist, with whom Marlena experiences her first intense love affair in Poland. But when she finds out that she is pregnant, Natan is far away in America. The second is Andries, a Dutch farmer who marries Marlena through a wedding agency to ward off the emptiness on his farm. He hears that Marlena is pregnant when they meet but he accepts the young boy as his own. The third man is Szymon, a Jewish Pole who arrived in the Netherlands when he was a baby. As an adult he first travels back to the country of his parents where he meets Marlena and her son Boris who have also returned to Poland. With them he tries to restore the feelings for family and security he misses so much.

But everything turns around when Boris decides to stop talking, Andries suddenly appears in Poland and a stack of letters from Natan are revealed.

Award winning screenwriter Lot Vekemans writes on the desire to shape your own life with surprising twists and the intensity which made her famous as a play writer. The film rights of the novel have been sold to Fu Works filming company. Fu Works productions previously made the movies Black Book, Süskind and Tirza, based on the book by Arnon Grunberg.

Praise for A Wedding Dress From Warsaw:

‘You can’t stop reading. You want more and more. With few words Lot Vekemans is able to evoke a lot of atmosphere. With few ingredients she creates paragraphs that touch you. A writer of few words but with a great story.’ – Zin Magazine

‘A touching story about the lack of love and an excess of poignant frustration.’ – Dagblad van het Noorden ****

'A subtle and subdued drama. The simple plot develops into a story about being abandoned. The tone is the greatest weapon of this book. Vekemans' proze radiates a calmness that is a pleasant contrast with the nervous and surly characters. This prevents the story from degenerating into melodrama and it leaves room for a hint of humor.' - De Standaard ***

'Nice tempo, intriguing permisse, credible dialogues. Vekemans' first novel will have you craving for more. Whoever can write such dialogue should continue.' - VPRO Gids

‘It left me breathless. Beautiful.’ – Veenstra Book Sellers

'With A Wedding Dress From Warsaw you are reading a gem! The is our reading tip for the summer.' - Roodbeen Book Sellers

'Vekemans can write effective, catching and creative. And her characters are so lifelike you get the feeling that you really get to know them. A full 'yes' to this novel. Read it!' - Literair Nederland

Juritzen Forlag (Norway)
Brudekjolen fra Warszawa

Dette er fortellingen om polske Marlena, og de tre mennene som skal prege livet hennes på godt og vondt. Som ung treffer Marlena den amerikanske journalisten Nathan. De innleder et lidenskapelig forhold, og etter en stund oppdager Marlena at hun er gravid, man da har Nathan allerede reist tilbake til USA. Knust drar Marlena til Nederland, der menn søker polske kvinner gjennom ekteskapsbyråer, og slik treffer hun Andries, en ensom bonde som vil elske hennes sønn som sin egen. Etter syv år reiser Marlena tilbake til Polen for å pleie sin dødssyke mor. Hun møter igjen Kroeier Szymon, hennes gamle arbeidsgiver, som hun etter hvert oppdager har styrt hennes liv i smug. Dette er et dempet drama om livet, kjærlighet og svik.

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Wallstein Verlag (Germany)
Ein Brautkleid aus Warschau

Die Stücke der niederländischen Autorin werden auf vielen deutschen Bühnen mit großem Erfolg gespielt. In ihrem ersten Roman erweist sie sich als großartige Erzählerin. Marlena, Mitte zwanzig, wohnt in Polen auf dem platten Land und ist zum Kummer ihrer Mutter noch immer nicht verheiratet. Dann verliebt sie sich plötzlich bis über beide Ohren in einen Amerikaner, der als Journalist über die Zeit nach dem Kommunismus berichtet. Marlena hat das Glück, zu lieben und geliebt zu werden, aber sie weiß es nicht, oder wenigstens: Sie kann es nicht glauben. Und so ähnlich geht es ihrem Geliebten auch, der schließlich nach Amerika zurückkehrt. Dass sie ein Kind erwartet, wird er nie erfahren.

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Rights sold to:
- Germany (Wallstein Verlag)
- Norway (Juritzen Forlag)
- Turkey (Epsilon Yayinevi)
- Filmrights (Fu Works)
Nominated for:
- Vrouw en Kultuur Debuutprijs
- Anton Wachterprijs 2012 for best debut
- Opzij Literature Prize 2012 for female authors
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