Hidden Feelings (Wat ik moest verzwijgen)
Ariëlla Kornmehl, 2013
240 pages, 58.000 words
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Hidden Feelings |
Wat ik moest verzwijgen

Ariëlla Kornmehl

Hidden Feelings is Ariëlla Kornmehl’s fourth novel and her most personal yet. When her grandmother died, Ariëlla felt the need to write about her and her experiences during the Second World War. Hidden Feelings is a touching story about choices that were made during the hardest times. And how for some people the war started in 1945.

As a child Ariëlla Kornmehl heard the stories from her grandmother, who was a little girl when the war ended. She went to Amsterdam Central Station to search for returning relatives. But none came. Since then Ariëlla has felt a great sense of loss at this railway station. She realized that the past leaves a lasting impression. Most of the people who were separated by the war never got to see each other again.

This novel examines how it must have been for a mother to give up your child for your own survival. And what has become of the children that were left behind? How can you live a life when you don’t know your background or if you do know it but are ashamed by it? Ariëlla wrote a novel about guilt, protection and a love that cannot be expressed, inspired by the stories of the previous generation.

Praise for Hidden Feelings:

‘Fascinating from the first to the last page, breathtaking simply by means of the story.’ – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

‘A fierce piece of history that reads like a thriller. Forceful and written with a lot of emotions. Ariëlla Kornmehl is a ‘insider’s tip’ in Dutch literature. Her novel deserves a large audience.’ – Marcel Möring

‘Definitely recommended. A novel about a big secret, an (un)wanted child, hiding, love and being in love, passion and more.’ – Frits Barend

‘A wonderful story, very special!’ – TROS Nieuwsshow

Hidden Feelings is a true ‘good read’.’ – Literatuurplein.nl

Hoffmann und Campe (Germany)
Alles, was wir wissen konnten

Die Niederlande stehen unter deutscher Besatzung, die Amsterdamer Juden sind in Lebensgefahr, und die junge Jet muss untertauchen bei einem Bekannten. Im Gepäck hat sie ein Bild des Malers Degas. Vor den Deutschen ist Jet in Haarlem sicher, aber nicht vor ihrem Nachbarn, einem Nazi-Kollaborateur, der ihr nachstellt. Um ihr Leben zu retten, muss Jet ihrem Peiniger das eigene Kind überlasssen. Kann ein solcher Mensch ein guter Vater sein? Wird der kleinen Otto je erfahren, wer seine Mutter ist? Und was hat es mit dem Gemälde von Degas auf sich? Inspiriert durch die Erlebnisse ihrer Großmutter erzählt Ariella Kornmehl von den dramatischen Folgen des Politischen im Privaten - vom Leben einer jungen Frau in einer ausweglosen Situation und von ihrem Sohn, der in einer Welt lebt, in der nichts am rechten Platz scheint.

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- Germany (Hoffmann & Campe)
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- The WIZO Literature Prize 2014
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